• (Designing + Development) / PlayEverything is born from 'Play', develops and returns to 'play'.
    Affirming the primitive and as it is.
    I'll find joy in it.

Design, develop and create what was not in shape.

We listen to our clients and help them to give shape to the unformed.
Sometimes that is web design, sometimes it is graphic design, sometimes it is system development.
We visualise and make it work.
And we find joy in the coincidences that arise from the fundamental concept of 'Play'.

Humans were born to play.

About us Company name Playflats LLC
Representative Motoki Kudo
Address 401 17-12, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 1500031
TEL 090-8229-5235
MAIL motoki@playflats.com
Services Web designing, Graphic designing, Web development